The Left Bank

Scope of Project

The Left Bank (Formally the General Electric building), is located just off the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. In 2000 the building was renovated into luxury apartments. As a national register historic site, the building was renovated in accordance with the secretary's standards of rehabilitation of Department of the Interior. The National Park Service and the Museum and Historic Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are the agencies tasked with the supervision and the oversight of the rehabilitation of these projects, and there compliance with the Secretary's Standards of Rehabilitation. On the exterior facade the most prominent feature are the 3/3 windows. Seaquay replaced all 843 of the windows on all 4 elevations.


Working closely with the client and the design professionals, shop drawings were produced showing the details necessary to fabricate the windows to their original design using Internal Glazed Energy Panels (IGP) as the glazing medium. Manufactured to a sash thickness of 2", the windows were manufactured to match the existing 3/3 awning configuration. The window design was tested at an independent testing laboratory for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural design pressure. The window manufactured by Seaquay exceeded the specified requirements established by the design professionals.