Old Customs House

Scope of Project

The Custom House is also called Merchants Exchange, is part of the Independence Hall National Park complex, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Originally built in 1803 the building has gone thru at least one window replacement. The project required the replacement of the existing sash with sash that reproduced the original muntin bar pattern and rail and style dimensions and details. The twist to this historic replacement was that the building may at some time in the future be used as a museum. For this use the client specified that the glazing be low-E insulated glass units individually glazed in a true divided muntin bar system within the sash. The specifications also required the sash to be fabricated with Mahogany. The replacement also required the use of the existing weights and chain balance system, and the replacement of the weather-stripping and the parting bead and the interior stop


Working closely with the client and the design professionals, shop drawings were produced showing the details necessary to fabricate the windows to there original design using low-E insulated glass as the glazing medium. Manufactured to a sash thickness of 1-3/4&. The sash was milled to receive the hardware for a weights and chains installation as per the clients requirements. Each replicated sash was constructed with an additional 1/4& in height to allow the scribing of the bottom rail in the event the existing openings were not square. The original weights and chain balancing system was reused with replacement chain weather-stripping parting bead and interior stop. The units were manufactured from Mahogany. Prior to glazing the sash was primed.